We have to stay apart!

Oh, how we miss you all! Things just aren’t the same around here without exhibits and classes and workshops.

But we have to stay closed for everyone’s good. An art gallery functions best when its artists and patrons can mix and mingle and laugh and learn and create, exhibit, and inspire. That’s all incredibly hard to do safely right now, even with the right protections and precautions. We want you to be safe. We need you to be around when we’re able to reopen. So for now, we’re thinking of you and wishing you well. We’re also working on some cool changes to how the Studio functions, but we’ll catch you up on those in the future.

Studio 659 had four artists submit their Pandemic Creations, art created since quarantine started months ago: Laura Cochran, Claudia Lopez, Alejandra Zimmerman, and Mr. Mike. Their unique and colorful pieces showed us that beauty can still be found and even created in really isolated and difficult times. Please check out their pieces on the Studio 659 facebook page and website ( These four artists will each receive a Studio 659 tote bag, t-shirt, and free one-year family membership as thanks for offering us such lovely things to look at.

Now, it’s time for you to get your art on, because we can tell you that our next FOUR exhibits are all lined up and just waiting for the go-ahead to reopen the studio from our most trust-worthy scientists and leaders.

As soon as it is safe, our first exhibit will be Circus!! Jump through flaming hoops and fight off the clowns and get your art ready for center ring! Seven weeks later, we’re going back to our yearly favorite, Bump in the Night! Doesn’t matter if it is January or May, we’re doing it! Then we’re going to have our annual Good Cause show, and this time we’re throwing it to the dogs…and the cats and the fish and the hamsters! It’ll be a pet-themed show that doesn’t have a catchy name yet. And our fourth exhibit you can count on will be another infamous yearly exhibit, Artistic License! That’s a juried show with some of the best work of the year and prizes are awarded!

So crank out your masterpieces and have them ready for these exhibits. They’re coming as soon as we can safely host them.

Wash your hands. Wear your mask. Stay safe!