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AWESOME EVENT Coming to Studio 659

Check out the new event coming to Studio 659 Opening before Pierogi Fest for six weeks.
Are you a Photographer? Dust off your lens and get shooting.

Building on the growing success of Whiting’s Pierogi Fest, this year the city will team up with The Times Media Co. on a new event — a photo contest.

Photographers from Northwest Indiana are invited to photograph St. John the Baptist Church at 1849 Lincoln Ave. in Whiting.

The submitted photos will be hung in Studio 659 located at 1413 119th St., and will be judged by Times photographers Jonathan Miano, John Watkins and Damian Rico.

The photos will be on display during Pierogi Fest from July 29 to 31.

Tom Dabertin, president of the Whiting-Robertsdale Chamber of Commerce and Pierogi Fest chairman, came up with the idea during one of his bike rides around the city.

“When you ride around Whiting and Robertsdale, you see these photographers all taking pictures of the same thing, St. John the Baptist Church,” Dabertin said.

Built in 1930 by Hermann Gaul, protégé of the father of skyscrapers, Louis Sullivan, the church is what Dabertin believes to be one of Whiting’s key sites.

“It’s the focal point of our city,” Dabertin said.

“Because of its impact on the community, we feel as though it should be the subject of the contest.”

If the contest is popular, Dabertin hopes to have the photo contest annually in partnership with The Times and Studio 659.

While the photos are on display, there also will be original drawings on display of the church made by Gaul himself. Attendees also will be able to enter a cubicle that will show them a view of the church from its steeple.

Photos must be submitted before the end of June, and the judging will take place in July.

Contestants should upload their photos to the link below, and include their name, contact information, and a title for their entry.

Please share this event with all your friends.