Steve Hauck: Volunteer of the Month

You may not realize this, but at Studio 659, we have no paid employees. All operational decisions are made by a council of appointed and elected people, and all open hours are staffed with dedicated volunteers. If not for these volunteers, who selflessly give of their time, our doors would stay closed.

Here’s a little bit about our volunteer of the month, Steve Hauck.

Volunteer, Steve Hauck, is a life long Whiting resident and is one of our most reliable members of Studio 659.  Always available in a pinch, that’s our Steve. 

Steve’s first memory of wanting to draw was when he watched the cartoon “X-Men”.  Then he got interested in comic books, not to read but to see the artwork.  He was 9 or 10 when he started drawing pictures of super heroes or cartoon characters that he would see in magazines.  Steve once spent $5 on a comic book because it had a picture of something he wanted to draw.  He attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago for 2 years.  Unfortunately, Steve had an accident and was not able to draw for 3 years.  Steve says, “you don’t know what you got til it’s gone”.  Now he’s honing his skills as an artist when he volunteers at Studio 659.  Steve said he loves Studio 659 and it has helped him reconnect with art again.  Steve also stated that he will support Studio 659 in any endeavor.

Come by on Saturdays when Steve is usually working or helping out at Open Mic Night.   Thank you, Steve, for being such an awesome volunteer.

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