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South Shore Arts Welcomes an Abstract Exhibit by Dawn Diamantopoulos

Dawn Diamantopoulos, a regular artist at Studio 659 and Whiting Arts Council Board member, is currently being featured in an exhibit that was funded though an Individual Artist Program grant from the Indiana Arts Commission. Keep reading to learn more about the exhibit, in Dawn’s words, and details on the opening reception. Congrats, Dawn!

Alternate Realities: Mixed Media Paintings


Alternate Realities is a series of five large scale mixed media paintings. This project, which is funded through a grant from the Indiana Arts Commission, was proposed as stylistically creating a link between two divergent bodies of work: abstract painting and text drawings. My initial idea was to write lines of text into the linework of the paintings. This evolved once I was in the studio. At 48” x 96” the paintings are encompassing, however the textwork is often small and subtle and requires the viewer to approach the pieces closely. I was very happy to be able to keep the intimacy of the small ink drawings in such big paintings. And once they are approached, the large scale of the painting fills the peripheral vision, further drawing viewers into the space each piece.

From kindness: I do not want to lower my expectations even though I’d be a lot less disappointed a lot more often.

Alternate Realities evolved from Safety and America. My last series of figurative abstract paintings were about trying to find a happy place to be in mentally, in relation to being a caregiver for a disabled child. To this end, my figurative abstract pieces had taken on a landscape feel. I was trying to create my happy place. These new paintings are much looser. I want to show the work I am doing and was more focused on mark making. It is important to me now to show that not everything is perfect. Alternate Realities encompasses the ‘what ifs’. These pieces focus on the disconnection between expectations, or ideals, and the realities which never measure up. There is the feeling of being on the road-less-traveled and the desire to be more centered in Mainstream America. There is the search for El Dorado (tumult) balanced with the knowledge that the thing I’m searching for does not actually exist. There is the recognition of the flaws within myself and my life. These paintings ask what happened to your kindness? and answer I am trying to listen with an open heart.

Alternate Realities is currently at South Shore Arts in Crown Point through May 18, 2013. There is an artist reception Saturday, April 13, 1-4 pm. The public is invited.

In addition, I am donating 10% of all art sales for the month of April, Autism Awareness month, to the NWI National Autism Association. You can read more about that here: http://dawndiamantopoulos.blogspot.com/2013/04/10-for-autism.html



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