On June 29th during Whiting’s Dino Days, Studio 659 will be hosting a LIVE Art Competition and Fundraiser. Individuals and teams will have from 8am to 2pm to decorate a canvas under the Fandom! theme. Canvas, paint, and basic art supplies will be available.

Participation is FREE and every participant gets a free Studio 659 tote bag. BUT we’re keeping the art!!
A small jury will choose a winning canvas to award a $100 prize. All of the created pieces will be auctioned off to raise money for more arts events in Whiting.

Participants who want to keep their creation out of the auction must pay $25 to take it with them.

It’s live because you have only from 8-2 to complete your project. Passers-by will also be welcome to come in and watch your creative process.

Fandom is super broad. It’s basically whatever you are a fan of. It could be a self-portrait or a beach scene or a collection of your favorite colors — whatever thing you are loving that day.

We’ll have a variety of canvas sizes.